Spartan Hunting Preserve

We are located in the eastern most part of Cumberland County, atop what is known as the Cumberland Plateau. We are only a few miles from where our ancestors settled in beautiful Grassy Cove. In 1800 a settler named John Ford had a wagon accident in this mountainous region. The accident killed all but one of his mules and halted his move west. He then settled in the cove with his family, one mule, and a pair of dogs. These dogs later became known as Mountain Curs. Our family came to this cove in 1806 and used this breed of dogs for their very survival. When you come to the Spartan Hunting Preserve you to will use this same line of dogs to locate your boar if necessary.

Spartan Hunting Preserve
51 Old Gordon Road
Grandview, TN 37337
Phone Number: 
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